Manual Handling Saftey Training.


There is a legal obligation for all employers under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1978 to ensure that all employees are provided with a healthy and safe working environment.

This has been further enhanced by the Manual Handling Regulation 1992 which place responsibilities on the employer for...


Avoidance of manual handling (wherever possible)

Assessment of risks

Reduce the risks wherever possible

Provision of information on the load

Review of the risk assessments


Dalgliesh Training Services Ltd. Manual handling training courses are one way forward in helping to reduce the number of staff who become vulnerable to injury through lack of planning when carrying out workplace duties. The costs of these incidents to the economy can be over 850,000.00 per year and can be prevented by proper training for all workers. These costs have knock-on effects that range from the affected worker to the employers who suffer financial loss, production loss and direct costs that include an increase on insurance.


To enable employers to fulfill their duties Dalgliesh Training Services Limited have devised a course, which meets with the Health & Safety Executives approval and imparts the knowledge of health & safety responsibilities to the employee regarding manual handling in the workplace.



The course will cover the following information.

The need for risk assessment - good practice and reduction of injury

Spinal anatomy and potential injuries due to poor manual handling

Identify the criteria when making the risk assessment

Components of a risk assessment

Identify ways to reduce the risk involved in manual handling

Demonstration of principles of safe lifting


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